Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Earrings: What is the Best Look for You?

When you are faced with the selection of earrings at a craft show or jewelry counter how do you know where to begin? Start with thinking about your face shape. If you don’t know your face shape, stand in front of a mirror and trace the outline of your face on the mirror with a sliver from a bar soap. Once you finish the tracing, step away and look at the shape that is on the mirror. That is your face shape. Oh yeah, now you have to clean the mirror too!If your face is round, that means it is as wide as it is long and so you want earrings that add some angles and length to your face. A long narrow earring with something at the bottom to draw the eye downward is a great choice. Oblong, rectangular or square earrings are also good options. Avoid earrings that are circular in nature. Leave the button and tiny studs for your friends with a square or angular face.

If your face is oval (probably the most common face shape) that means it has width at the cheek bones and tapers smoothly in either direction, with a chin slightly slimmer than the forehead. This shape can handle most styles of earrings, but don’t select incredibly long shapes as that will drag your face down. Try classic studs, button earrings, or go wild with more elaborate, dazzling looks with lots of movement. 

If your face is heart shaped, that means it you have a wide forehead, stunning cheekbones and a tiny, cherubic chin.  You require earrings that mimic your face's shape, but upside down.  Look for earrings that have a tapered point ant the top, this shape can be found in chandelier and teardrop earrings, as well as triangular earrings.  The tapered point at the top can give the illusion to broaden the chin and narrow the forehead.  Circular and oval earrings will work with your face shape as well as long as they don't taper as they descend.  Avoid earrings that mirror your face shape such as those that come to a point at the bottom.

If your face is  square or angular, that means you have a  strong, square jaw line and an angular forehead that are close to the same width. You need earrings that will soften your features. Look for a pair that will soften your features.  Start with hoops and curved edges that will add the necessary roundness. Drop earrings, tear drops or multi-tiered dangling earrings will give a square shape some length. If your face is rectangular then it is best to avoid much length and instead try wider, circular shapes or thicker earrings that give your long face some width. Avoid square, rectangular or harshly angled earrings that echo your face shape. As long as you avoid harsh angles and square shapes, you can wear just about anything in the earring category.

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