Saturday, December 1, 2012

Announcing the Last Chance Holiday Craft Show Vendors!

We have a great lineup of vendors for this year's Charm City Craftivists Last Chance Holiday Craft Show! Need some custom printed holiday cards? How about a lumberjack pillow or a hand painted pet tag?  How about a "five minute photo" of yourself or your kids which you can later order online to send out with your holiday cards? We've got all that covered and much more!  Here are our participating vendors for 2012:

Art of Crafts
April Alayne
Kellie Creations
Tilted Tops
El Tejano Studios (pottery)
Baltimore Soaps and More
Rosso Stamp Co.
N.Fallon Design Studio
Wear Your Voice
Silver's Reign
Doxallo Studio
Misty Morning Prints
Jussie's Jewelry and Crafts
Kate's Cauldron
Wood Art for Living
Desired Crochet
Charms City Company
Turtle Jewelry Designs
Greenwood Creations
Austin Wayne Designs
K Wear Designs
Renewed Intent
Stitchery Designz (tote bags)
Designs by Dale
Melika Carr Photography
Pet Tag Creations
Creative Crochet (DAnna Designs)
Nature Place

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