Friday, September 7, 2012
Kathy Mathews's 15 year old craft business, Cookie Dough Creations, started with a single gingerbread man and has grown to feature hundreds of different salt dough ornaments inspired by every season and occasion.  As she approaches her 1,000th online sale since opening her Etsy shop in 2011, Kathy sat down with us to discuss her life as a crafter in Union Bridge, Maryland where she lives with her husband, two children and dog Mojo.

CCC:  I see on your Etsy shop profile that your dog Mojo is your constant companion while you work.  Do you think this may be because you have a habit of regularly dropping raw dough on the floor or that he is snatching bites off of your table when you step away?
KM:  That’s a very good question! It could be but it’s more than likely because he’s one of those dogs that has “separation” issues and can’t stand to be by himself. I’ve been very careful never to call my ornaments “cookies” in front of all our dogs. For some reason all dogs know what that word means!

CCC:  I see you have a shop category called "Career Gift Ornies."  Care to elaborate?
KM:  I no longer have that category, I’ve changed it to “My Job Ornaments” which hopefully is a better phrase. It’s just where I have all my nurse, teacher, librarian, etc. ornaments. Any ornament associated with a job or career.
 CCC:  Where do you purchase your supplies and do they express concern over your salt addiction?

KM:  Since you’ve brought that up, I have had a number of very strange comments regarding hypertension from the cashiers in the grocery store when I’m buying salt. Believe it or not, Walmart is currently the best place to purchase it unless the grocery store is having a sale!

CCC:  Where exactly IS Union Bridge Maryland?

KM:  Union Bridge is located between central and western Maryland. I prefer to think of us being closer to the western part of the state as that area has been referred to as “God’s country” due to the beautiful, rolling countryside. Almost nothing but mountains and farmland as far as the eye can see!

CCC:  Have any famous people purchased your wedding favors that you care to gossip about?

KM:  Not that I’m aware of but maybe someday!

CCC:    I read that your husband provides you with much needed technical support for your business.  Would you considered loaning him out to other crafters?

KM:  That’s a good idea, I’m sure we Etsians could keep him extremely busy!

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