Thursday, June 7, 2012

Interview with Nancy from N.Fallon Design Studio

On her blog titled The Life and Times of One Loopy Knitter, Nancy from N.Fallon Design Studio describes herself as a person who creates, knits, edits, makes art, draws, writes, worships the color green, loves cats and is a devoted believer in the potential for the good in humanity.  Here's our interview with where she talks about how she manages her schedule as a crafter and what it is like to work with yarn when there are cats around.

CCC: I noticed you posted on your blog about how you structure your workday as a crafter.  Care to elaborate?

Nancy: Yes, I did a post a while back about daily stress management tips and how the flow of my day goes.  I start every day with what I call my morning routine.  This helps me make sure that I don't neglect myself and my own needs before I start my work day at home each morning.  First, I do any household chores that need attending, then I drink a large glass of water, eat breakfast, workout, shower, and get dressed.

Afterwards (M-F) I sit down on the computer and knock out whatever is on the calender for the day from marketing to social networking, blogging, packing orders and answer emails.  In the afternoons, I hit the post office, go supply shopping, or run other errands if need be.  Otherwise, the rest of the afternoon is mine to design and create.

CCC:   I love the buttons that you work into your purse designs.  Where do you find the buttons you use?
Nancy:  Thank you.  I generally pick them up from the aisles of the craft stores I hit.  But I'm obsessed with handmade buttons.  There's so many gorgeous button crafters and vintage button sellers on etsy.  These can get quite pricey though and would drive the prices of my own work way up.  But I'm always up for getting handmade button gifts! 

CCC:  I see you are a fan of cats.  Do you find it particularly challenging to work with yarn when there are cats around?

Nancy:  Not particularly, contrary to what you might think.  My cats are pretty calm and obedient.  However, Lucy, one of my two, likes to snuggle up on my lap from time to time and to her that's my cue to drop what I'm doing and pet her.  If I don't, she's going to bite and paw at anything in her way (and that's often yarn) because she knows of no way quicker to get attention!

CCC:  When you are in your car waiting to make a turn and the car behind you passes you and turns first does this affect your belief in the good of humanity?

Nancy:  It is a serious personal challenge to live in Baltimore and retain this opinion sometimes.  But I will tell you that when faced with a situation like that, although it's easy to get mad, getting mad doesn't change what happened.  The only affect it has is on you and your day.  If you choose to tell yourself they had a good reason to do it and just move forward with your day, life will be a lot less stressful for you.  

CCC: Can you edit the punctuation in that last question for us?

Nancy:   Hahah.  By "editing"  I don't simply mean that I edit text.  As a blogger that comes up quite often and I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit punctuation happy myself.  I use the verb edit more to color my life as an artist.  I find reflection on one's own work to be the highest form of art.  I was trained conceptually in school (and what that means is that it was a small school so they went for the conceptual rather than the big time spending on technical equipment- ha) and realize that no piece is ever complete no matter what it is that you make.  There's always a design kink to work out or something that an artist continues to strive for that's always just beyond them at any given time.  That's what drives our boats, right?

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